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Full screen capture at the beginning of the game. Mouse over a part to see the name. Click a part to go to that page.

Many of the parts of the game have their own pages, but here are some that do not.

Funnel. Located at the top left of the table, the funnel can be reached by either the wheel or the hammer. By opening the entrance to the wheel, the funnel starts to rotate.

Funnel Slots. Located above the pop bumpers and indicated with pink triangles. Lighting all three of the funnel slots the first time seems to give more points for hitting the pop bumpers, but lighting all three additional times seems to do nothing. When lighting all three slots the first time, you will hear the noise of the helicopter arm being released. This is the required first step of the helicopter mission, but otherwise does not help you. When trying to light all three lights, use the flippers to move which slots are lit. Leave the third slot unlit when the ball goes into the funnel since that is where the ball usually goes.

Pop bumpers. Pop bumpers are a common pinball feature for generating points. The pop bumpers are located below the funnel.

Upper Slots. Lighting all three of the slots at the top right of the table gives you a higher multiplier for hitting targets in the arbalest table. The level of the multiplier is indicated by colored lights just above the arbalest table.

Multi-barrel Gun. This seems to just be a prop on the left side of the table. However all of the barrels fire when completing the multi-barrel gun mission (have to be zoomed out to see this).

Helicopter. At the top left of the table, like the mutli-barrel gun, this seems to be a prop that doesn't actually do anything. It turns when you complete the helicopter mission (have to be zoomed out to see this).

Left and Right Chutes. These chutes along the lower left and right sides of the table will kick the ball back into play the first time they are used. But after that, a gate falls into place that will direct the ball into the drain. To reset the gates, hit the three bicycle targets as soon as you can.