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Full screen capture at the beginning of the game. Mouse over a part to see the name. Click a part to go to that page.

Pop Bumpers: 1,120 points, 1750 with slots lit once

Bicycle target: 1,500 or 100,000 (during bicycle mission)

Arbelest pocket light: 1,500 (20,000 in Arbalest mission)

Arbalest pocket (1 light): (20,000 in Arbalest mission)

Arbalest pocket (lit): 1,000 (60,000 in Arbalest mission)

Arbalest table target: 1,500, (2,500 with 1 multiplier lit, 3,500 with 2 multipliers, 4,500 with 3 multipliers) (50,000 in Arbalest mission, multipliers ignored)

Arbalest chute (success): 10,000 (360,000 in Arbalest mission)

Bumper: 235

Cannon light: 1,500 (50,000 in Cannon mission)

Cannon ramp (to flipper): 1,000

Blasting out of cannon: 10,000

Labyrinth pin: 5,000

Labyrinth bin light: 10,000 (15,000 if already lit)

Crane light: 1,000

Crane: 0

Wheel: 0

Hammer: 30,000

Funnel: 10,000

Cryptex character: 75,000 (during Cryptex mission only)